The Electriq Hour – 010

The Electriq Hour returns this week, and having received such a heart-warming number of mixes to date, we’re going to be giving you fine folks more more more too.  So for the next few weeks we’ll be uploading some bumper editions of The Electriq Hour featuring several sets which you can choose to listen to individually or have yourself a mammoth electronic listening party all together.

This week, we’re featuring: Uk garage from Broadback, JBMA’s techno mix, Goa trance from Feigogo, an eclectic soundscape from Dan-Neo and a house mix courtesy of Burnie.

Electriq Hour  本週開心歸位~好感恩迄今為止我哋收到好多 DJ 嘅 remixes。為咗回饋大家嘅支持,嚟緊幾個星期,我哋將會每個星期推出幾個唔同 remixes 等聽眾可以慢慢選擇~你想逐個逐個分開黎聽又得,你想串聯埋一齊一次過幾個鐘咁瘋狂都得!今個星期就有Broadback嘅Uk garage、JBMA 嘅 techno mix、Feigogo來自Goa嘅trance 、 Dan-Neo 嘅 eclectic soundscape 同埋Burnie嘅 house mix。

Uk garage from Broadback

Goa trance from Feigogo

JBMA’s techno mix

Eclectic soundscape from Dan-Neo

House mix courtesy of Burnie.


Host: Mike Hill

Executive Producer: Cookie

Producer: Peter Gorton

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Hosted by
Mike Hill

Mike is a co-founder and Festival Director of Clockenflap, a well as one half of pioneering electronic party starters ROBOT. When he’s not twiddling knobs, you’ll find him on a bike or a board finding ever more innovative ways to injure himself.

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