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Episode 31

新哥速遞 – 031

被譽為日本女高中生教祖「中毒性歌姬」嘅愛繆Aimyon 又有新作、台灣嘻哈新人 ØZI 上星期都順利推出第二張大碟PEDESTAL、小眾冰島indie 音樂人 (前seabear) 嘅 Sin Fang同 Sóley 合作無間又夾咗首新歌,最後當然唔少得HAIM feature...

Episode 30

新哥速遞 – 030

今期新哥推介由King Gnu主腦常田大希所領軍嘅另一音樂單位 millennium parade 到日本 indie band嘅 んoon,再到Billie Eilish哥哥 Finneas,以及菲律賓民謠樂隊...

Episode 29

新哥速遞 – 029

為迎接呢豐盛嘅新一年做好準備,呢期新哥都繼續推介唔同地方嘅indie artists 好似韓國youra、SE SO NEON,美國Hether 出新碟《Sticky Thumb》、英國憂鬱藍調嘅puma blue、香港lofi band Science...

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Ever wondered what your favourite artists have on their personal playlists? On Selects we hear from some of the best and most influential acts from around the globe as they reveal their most cherished songs, and what the music really means to them.


Serving up a hugely eclectic smorgasbord of pop, hip-hop, r'n'b, electronica and anything else that takes their fancy, veteran DJs Paul Haswell and Carolyn Wright are on a mission to banish bland music from the airwaves while introducing listeners to the most infectious earworms from across the musical spectrum.


If you’re searching for the best new music from around the world, then tune in to The Thirteen. Join Clockenflap’s Music Team: Justin Sweeting, Ivy Yuen and friends, as they select thirteen tracks each week that crackle with the sonic spirit of Clockenflap whilst expanding your musical horizons in every direction.




Clockenflap Music 聯同本地演出搞手/音樂媒體 OC2S 跨刀合作嘅全新粵語podcast節目 —— 《聯合廣播》.


Hong Kong-born party-starter extraordinaire Janette Slack brings her dulcet tones and dancefloor-shaking sound to the digital airwaves with this monthly show featuring the very best music, both new and old school. She will also welcome an eclectic mix of guests to the studio for insightful chats.


Gathering sounds from the fringes, the depths and the outer limits, Darker Matters is a perverse paean to all things alternative.


Fill The Silence DJs Keith & Stu (aka Keith and Stu of Hong Kong indie band The Sleeves) lead listeners down the rabbit hole in this bi-monthly show that explores the connections—both real and imagined—between various songs, artists and genres.


Welcome to Clockenflap Music – the new Hong Kong-based music platform, here to celebrate musical discovery in all its forms. Created by the team behind Hong Kong’s premier music and arts festival, Clockenflap Music will champion the best new and underground sounds from across the musical spectrum. Featuring a handpicked line-up of DJs, artists and music industry insiders from Hong Kong, Asia and around the world, Clockenflap Music brings you closer to the music, with exclusive artist-led playlists and live performances to insider news and revealing interviews.

Clockenflap Music喺由香港首屈一指嘅音樂同藝術節Clockenflap 背後嘅團隊創立嘅音樂平台。Clockenflap Music以香港為總部,將會透過各種形式去為大家發掘世界各地唔同嘅音樂。同時,亦會精選嚟自香港、亞洲以及世界各地嘅DJ、歌手同音樂界嘅內部人士合作炮製一系列節目,包括由一眾音樂人主持嘅獨家精選歌單、現場表演、內幕新聞與及訪問。

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