AWE_____IN VIRTUAL The Analog Girl Live Set

We’re bringing you a very special concert video courtesy of Singapore’s The Analog Girl this week. Inspired by a host of livestream shows over the past 18 months, the electronic avant-pop musician has created a virtual space surrounded by sound reactive visuals and an immersive stream of graphical overlays as she plays her latest lp ‘Awe’ in sequence and entirety. Superb.

來自新加坡嘅 The Analog Girl 會喺 Clockenflap Music 發送一個特別嘅演出 video live set。 今次呢個 live set 由佢過去 18個月一系列唔同直播演出啟發而成,擅長玩  electronic avant-pop嘅The Analog Girl今次會從頭到尾地演繹最新專輯《Awe》,更創作咗一個迷幻嘅虛擬場景配合,即刻有得睇,唔好錯過~

The Analog Girl

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