The Electriq Hour – 023 – Fergus

Fergus is a local Hong Kong DJ with 12 years of international experience. He has collected a wide spectrum of club/radio residencies and festival appearances all over the world; from Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand to Bestival in the U.K, House nights in Sankeys, gigs in Austria, Grime shows in Leeds and hosting two monthly disco  and house nights “South Canton Soul Train” and “Dream Dancing” in Hong Kong. As for radio he has guested and hosted on stations such as Boiler Room, Rinse FM, Balamii Radio, Hoxton FM, Hong Kong Community Radio, Eaton Hotel Radio and Belowground FM.

本週 The Electriq Hour 為大家介紹有一位有12年國際經驗嘅本地DJ – Fergus。佢係世界各地嘅club同電台演出過,由泰國嘅Wonderfruit Festival 到英國嘅Bestival、Sankey嘅既House nights、奧地利嘅gigs、列斯嘅Grime shows,到香港舉辦兩次嘅每月disco同house nights 「South Canton Soul Train」 同「Dream Dancing」。係電台方面,佢曾經係Boiler Room、Rinse FM、Balamii Radio、Hoxton FM、香港聯合電台、Eaton Hotel Radio同Belowground FM擔任過嘉賓同主持。



Host: Mike Hill

Executive Producer: Cookie

Producer: Peter Gorton

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Hosted by
Mike Hill

Mike is a co-founder and Festival Director of Clockenflap, a well as one half of pioneering electronic party starters ROBOT. When he’s not twiddling knobs, you’ll find him on a bike or a board finding ever more innovative ways to injure himself.

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