The Electriq Hour – 009 Busy Boi

The Electriq Hour welcomes Hong Kong-based DJ, multimedia artist and co-founder of ‘THÜR’, Busy Boi, into the spotlight ths week.  Taking us on a DnB & jungle infused set, he shares some of the tracks he’s been enjoying through the pandemic.

The Electriq Hour 第 9 集請到本地 DJ 兼多媒體藝術家兼 THÜR 始創人 Busy Boi 為大家帶來一個充滿 DnB 同 jungle 嘅 set,同時 Busy Boi亦會同聽眾分享疫情期間一啲佢成日聽嘅歌曲。


1. RotationTotal Science
2. Far Away Doc Scott
3. Anyone, Anywhere Dkay, DJ Lee
4. Climate Changes Electrosoul System
5. All In J:Kenzo, Coco Bryce
6. Once On The Cosmic Station Electrosoul System
7. Light Hollowbird (Unreleased) BUSYBOI
8. Hong Kong Blues  (Urban Terror EP)Raxa
9. Original World dBridge
10.  Station to Station Omni Trio, Deep blue
11. Concrete Jungle (VO-OV Jungle Mix #1)VO-OV 
12. Hungry for AtmosphereMako, DLR, Villem,Ant TC1   
13. Essence of TimeAbstract Elements
14. Yogurt Brainwave (Original Mix)Ulterior Motive
15. Delusions (Original Mix) Seba,Paradox
16. Sudden Philosopher (Urban Terror EP)Raxa
17. Hologram Paradox
18. TingzGremlinz, STRANJAH
19. Ambiguity are RealitiesParadox
20. Strangeways (feat. Zed Bias) Marcus Intalex, Zed Bias
21. 90’s SB81
22. Ruff Age VIP Gremlinz, Homemade Weapons
23. Mourning Dawn dBridge
24. 1Positive / Negative Break 


Host: Mike Hill

Executive Producer: Cookie

Producer: Peter Gorton

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Hosted by
Mike Hill

Mike is a co-founder and Festival Director of Clockenflap, a well as one half of pioneering electronic party starters ROBOT. When he’s not twiddling knobs, you’ll find him on a bike or a board finding ever more innovative ways to injure himself.

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