BEATS & PEACES ft. Beardyman – 005

This month’s Beats & Peaces guest star has been called the King of Sound, the Ruler of Beats and the Destroyer of Dance-floors, but he’s best known as Beardyman, the audio wizard famed for his incredible beatboxing, live looping and multi-instrumentalism skills. He tells Janette Slack what makes him tick and performs an exclusive live set – with video available too at Get some Beardyman in your life now. 

今集 Beats & Peaces 嘅嘉賓 Beardyman好堅,有人叫佢「King of Sound」、「Ruler Of Beats」又或者「Destroyers of Dance-floors」,除咗 beatbox 了得,仲識好多唔同樂器,可以將聲音做出千變萬化嘅聲效。今次 Janette 嘅詳細訪問,加埋 video 配服,樂迷們千祈唔好錯過。 

Video Recording: Beardyman
Video Co-Editor: Janette Slack

If you want to see more of Beardyman head to



1. Beardyman – 6am (Ready to Write) ft. Joe Rogan – 6 minutes
2. 12 live exclusive & improvised produced tracks in this show with noises from his voice & customised software
3. Beardyman – Kiss Me Over the Bin – 3.5 minutes

1. “Strict Formula” – D’n’B Track 

2 “The Death Of EDM by David Guetta” – Chat

3. “Concert for One” – Big Room Track

4 “Art, marketing, communication, remuneration. Patreon vs Spotify” – Chat

5. “What Do You Do? – Track 

6 “Having a Bad time?” – Geek chat

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Hosted by
Janette Slack

One of Hong Kong’s best-known and most-respected DJ/producers, Janette Slack has a well-earned reputation for igniting dancefloors around the world with her infectious mix of bass, funk, house, electro and everything in between. Born in Hong Kong, Slack moved to London aged 17 and made her name rocking the decks at clubs like Ministry of Sound, Fabric, The Cross, Cargo and The Egg during a 15-year stint that also included a sensational seven-year residency at the legendary Torture Garden. Since returning to Asia in 2014, the irrepressible Slack has been a flamboyant fixture at the region’s hottest clubs, festivals and private parties, with memorable sets at Clockenflap, Secret Island party and Macau’s Ultra Festival among her long list of credits.
Dearly departed, her legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of all who knew her and posthumously come across her work for generations to come. RIP

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Episode 5