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This week, The Electriq Hour is thrilled to present Calvin Ho’s exclusive mix for your listening pleasure.  AKA KIDCAL, we go way back with Calvin, as one of the brilliant supporting cast of the original Robot crew playing Ce-Top and of course a festival regular.  Here he is with his tribute to quirky sampling, inspired from the golden era of hip hop.
本週 The Electriq Hour 好開心,請到 Calvin Ho 為大家交出佢嘅獨家 mix。 Calvin 仲有另外一個朵叫 KIDCAL,同我哋有好深淵源 – 佢係元祖 Robot 陣容嘅其中一個 supporting crew (當時作為 Ce-Top 亮相),當然亦係我哋音樂節表演單位常客。今次呢個 mix,Calvin 利用好多令人意想不到嘅 campling,向 Hip-hop 黃金時代致敬。



Host: Mike Hill

Executive Producer: Cookie

Producer: Peter Gorton

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Hosted by
Mike Hill

Mike is a co-founder and Festival Director of Clockenflap, a well as one half of pioneering electronic party starters ROBOT. When he’s not twiddling knobs, you’ll find him on a bike or a board finding ever more innovative ways to injure himself.

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