For the second show covering Paul and Carolyn’s favourite records of 2022 the focus is on singles (although they may have stretched the definition of “single” somewhat). This means music from Melin Melyn, Audiobooks, Opus Kink, Panic Shack, Me Rex and plenty more besides.


1. Gary AshbyDry Cleaning
2. The IckPanic Shack
3. The Unrepentant SoldierOpus Kink
4. CommittedThe Queen’s Head
5. Natural InformationBill Callahan
6. Storm Around the World (feat. Maria Uzor)!!!
7. Hold the LineMelin Melyn
8. The Cognitive Trade-Off HypothesisViagra Boys
9. Cracker Island (feat. Thundercat)Gorillaz
10. Tryna Tryna Take ControlAudiobooks
11. Getting BetterSports Team
12. 2p Machine – EditFrancis Lung
13. Toilet of VenusME REX
14. This Is a PhotographKevin Morby
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Crimes Against Pop – aka Paul Haswell and Carolyn Wright – have been DJing together since 2003, when they launched their eponymous monthly residency at the Buffalo Bar in London.

As well as hosting their own regular sold out nights in London, Haswell and Wright appeared regularly at Rob Da Bank's Bestival festival on the Isle of Wight, before moving to Hong Kong in 2010 and 2011, respectively. Since then, Crimes Against Pop have brought their eclectic mix of pop, hip-hop, r’n'b and electronica to major events such as Clockenflap and the Rugby Sevens, while earning a reputation for packing the dancefloor at bars and clubs across the city. They’re also known for getting Sunday mornings off to the perfect start with their Pop Fugitives radio show on RTHK3.

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Episode 20