MOOONXLIVE X Clockenflap Music – Alexmalism

MOOONXLIVE X Clockenflap Music – Alexmalism

We’ve got another great show for you to enjoy this week as we launch MOOONXLIVE, a new live performance series presented in partnership with technical solutions and production specialists MOOON. For the first episode, we welcome Hong Kong DJ, producer and sound artist Alexmalism to perform a set that draws from his ‘TKO’ EP and a selection of unreleased tracks while encompassing influences that stretch from industrial and minimalism to post-trance and classical music – a sonic journey complemented by eye-popping live 3D visualisations courtesy of MOOON. Watch Now!

大家好,我哋又有新搞作。今次同本地製作公司 MOOON 合作推出MOOONXLIVE,喺網上音樂直播嘅基礎上,加入同步特別視覺效果,為大家帶來全新嘅體驗。第一集請來本地音樂人Alexmalism(又名Alex Yiu),一向勇敢創新嘅Alexmalism 由Techno、Trance、Minimal Industrial玩到Cantopop及古典音樂,今次用買小提琴表演,唔單止玩咗佢首張EP 《TKO》嘅音樂,仲有其他未公佈過嘅作品。即睇。


All music rights reserved Alexmalism 2021

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