The Electriq Hour – 007 Shannon Chambers

Grammy nominated dj, producer and remixer Shannon Chambers presents his mix featuring some recent personal favourites, original productions and remixes.

Shannon Chambers has gained notoriety over the last several years. His attraction to music came at a very early age. While many musical genre’s appeal to him it the uniqueness of house music that captivated his artistic interests. Perhaps being raised in Chicago during the formative years of house music and hearing jocks like Frankie Knuckle’s, The Hot Mix 5, Steve Silk Hurley only helped fuel this passion for music. Those early days are no doubt what contributes to the deep, lush, bottom-heavy grooves that he delivers whether he’s djing or in the studio. 

Shannon is continuing to bring life to productions of his own as well as collaborations and remixes with other artists like Terry Hunter, Emmaculate, Lady Alma, Eric Roberson and others. Most of his music is inspired by a sonic reach across multiple genres to synthesize what he frames as one sound. As someone who loves soulful music and is aiming to curate a collection of timeless releases, he is definitely one to we should all be on the lookout for.

今次 The Electriq Hour 邀請到多才多藝嘅 DJ、製作人同混音師 Shannon Chambers為大家泡製獨家 remix。


1. I-C-UThakzin- Sun-EL Musician- Thandazo 
2. Mitodzi (Jimpster Remix)Mavhungu          
3. Moonshine (Masters At Work Remix)Masters At Work
4. Survivor (Emmaculate No Fear Dub)Jon Pierce
5. Bring Back The Sun (Opolopo remix)Hallex M, Darien
6. Gold (Shannon Chambers Remix) Emmaculate& Kaye Fox   
7. I Wanna Know (Seven Davis Jr Remix) Beat Spacek, Seven Davis Jr 
8. You Brought The Sunshine (Spen Rmx)The Clark Sisters
9. This Is Hot (Original Mix)Geoffrey C 
10. Burnin- (DJ Spinna Discolectric Dub)Kenny Summit, DJ Spinna 
11. Feel The Magic (1 Sound Mix)Shannon Chambers Kwesi Bless 
12. Distant Lover (Terry Hunter Club Mix) Terisa Griffin, Terry Hunter         
13. Emancipacao (Ron Trent Remix)Diogo Strausz, Ron Trent 


Host: Mike Hill

Executive Producer: Cookie

Producer: Peter Gorton

Shannon Chambers :

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Hosted by
Mike Hill

Mike is a co-founder and Festival Director of Clockenflap, a well as one half of pioneering electronic party starters ROBOT. When he’s not twiddling knobs, you’ll find him on a bike or a board finding ever more innovative ways to injure himself.

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