Emmy The Great – SELECTS – 009

Hong Kong-born singer-songwriter Emma-Lee Moss, better known as Emmy the Great, shares her personal playlist of tracks she listens to at home while dancing around with her baby. Among the songs that both inspire her as a songwriter and provide a dulcet soundtrack to parenthood is St Vincent’s Los Ageless, which Emmy ranks as having one of the greatest choruses of all-time.


1  Los AgelessSt. Vincent
2  Alpha FemaleWild Beats
3  Divide 分裂Faye Wong 王菲
4  Blue Sky and Yellow SunflowerSusumu Yokota
5  You Are FreeWynners
6  等玉人Sam Hui 許冠傑
7  (Just Like) Starting OverJohn Lennon
8  GwanRostam
9 After The Gold RushEmmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt & Dolly Parton

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Episode 9